Review of Sexual Harassment in Victorian Courts

Organisation submissions

Courts are an integral part of the wider justice system and it is important that all partners – including the Office of Public Prosecutions, Legal Aid, the Victorian Bar, the Law Institute of Victoria and individual firms and service providers – build a culture across the system that calls out sexual harassment.

Organisations and agencies that deal with the courts were invited to make submissions addressing the Review’s terms of reference directly through the website. The Review welcomed any data or reports relating to sexual harassment within the court system.

All submissions to the Review are treated as confidential. We will remove personal information from any case studies, quotes or other references used in the final report of the Review so people cannot be identified.

Organisation submissions closed in early November 2020.

Lead Reviewer, Dr Szoke, conducted a number of stakeholder round tables in October 2020, to focus on organisational responses to sexual harassment.

Organisations and agencies were also encouraged to raise awareness of the Review within their own networks, and express support for individuals who choose to share their experience with the Review.

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